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Your voice is vitally important.

Legislators at local, state, and national levels of government listen to their constituents, and they want—and need—to hear your perspective. Your passion for mercy and justice in daily life for all people brings an important dimension into the conversations about community issues and public policy. Put your faith into action!

Illinois has a Budget!

After 736 days, a bipartisan budget package passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly. On July 6, 2017, members of the state legislators joined together to override the Governor’s vetoes and finally end our devastating state budget and revenue impasse.  

Thank YOU for your tireless advocacy efforts in calling for a full budget with adequate, new revenue! Elected officials responded to your voices for a full-year budget with enough new, permanent revenue to stop the cuts, repair the damage that has been done, and make smart investments in the future.

Take Action: Call and thank your legislators for their support of the budget and revenue package.

 Expand the Eligibility of Felony Records that can be Sealed

BILL PASSED! HB 2373 has passed the Senate with 36 votes! Thank you to all of our sponsors, the Restoring Rights and Opportunities Coalition (RROCI), and everyone for their advocacy. This bill will expand the eligibility of felony records that can be sealed, allowing more people to petition the court to have their records sealed from public view. 

HB 2373 passed out of the Illinois House, 80-34, on Thursday, April 27!    Thank you for your continued advocacy to remove barriers and increase opportunities for people with records to have access to quality jobs, safe housing, and education.  

Thank you for taking action!

 Tell your Senator to "Ban the Box" in Higher Education

People with criminal records are being deterred from getting an education. The majority of colleges ask about an applicant's criminal record. But, asking this question has a chilling effect — discouraging individuals with criminal records from completing the application.

HB 3142 passed the Illinois House on April 4, 2017 and is currently pending in the Illinois Senate.

Take Action: Edit and send an email to your senator and ask them to support HB 3142 to increase educational opportunities for people with criminal records.

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