Biblical Words

Biblical Words—Lectionary Studies

Jay Wilcoxen spent twenty years teaching Bible at the University of Chicago, before becoming involved in hospital management and finances. In the tradition of the Apostle Matthew, Jay combined accounting and scripture interpreting in his years at Protestants for the Common Good, and in retirement he stills cheers for the causes at Community Renewal Society. Jay's mission is to listen for a Christian Progressive message in the plain and direct sense of the Lectionary readings.

God’s salvation has critical turning points--a plan to send a deliverer to Egypt, the turn of an Anointed One toward Jerusalem.

Oppressed Israel hides a Moses, Peter confesses a Messiah, and Paul calls for a spiritual worship.

Israel has a priority in God’s salvation design, but other people of faith may also find an inclusive grace.

The stories of Joseph and Jesus are simple, but loaded with veiled challenges to faith, past and present.

Israel received its name and destiny in struggle, a struggle that included tension between need and abundance.

Life brings surprising reversals, in married life and in parables, but also God’s promise of unending love.

Holy places may be unseen by profane eyes, and people living by God’s Spirit may be found side by side with the unrighteous.

People feel bound by their tribal ethos, but life in the Spirit can lift them beyond such things.

The cycles of the generations and the struggles of the soul are promised rest at the end of the journey.

The life of faith leads to sacrifices--sometimes beyond belief, but finally as God provides.


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