Biblical Words

Biblical Words—Lectionary Studies

Jay Wilcoxen spent twenty years teaching Bible at the University of Chicago, before becoming involved in hospital management and finances. In the tradition of the Apostle Matthew, Jay combined accounting and scripture interpreting in his years at Protestants for the Common Good, and in retirement he stills cheers for the causes at Community Renewal Society. Jay's mission is to listen for a Christian Progressive message in the plain and direct sense of the Lectionary readings.

The law and its works may be abused by the wicked and the hypocritical, requiring a gospel of freedom and a forgiving Lord.

Unexpected interventions make possible new life.

The Being of God, revealed in creation and redemption, reflects its image in the Human, male and female.

The Spirit of Pentecost may transcend the diversity of languages, but the message of God’s love may still sound alien to the world.

Jesus’ Departure is a separation but not an abandonment of the world.

The Holy Spirit leads Jesus’ followers into new missions and new insights, offering joy to peoples and nations, however embattled by evil they may be.

The peoples of the nations, all of heaven and earth, are included in the new command to love one another.

The Good Shepherd is glorified in power and brings new life to the sheep entrusted to him by God.

The Risen Lord calls and directs servants in the world while a heavenly court praises the worthy Lamb.

The response to the Easter message is Alleluia shouting, awe at the heavenly drama, and a new Presence that empowers mission and forgiveness.


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