Biblical Words

Biblical Words—Lectionary Studies

Jay Wilcoxen spent twenty years teaching Bible at the University of Chicago, before becoming involved in hospital management and finances. In the tradition of the Apostle Matthew, Jay combined accounting and scripture interpreting in his years at Protestants for the Common Good, and in retirement he stills cheers for the causes at Community Renewal Society. Jay's mission is to listen for a Christian Progressive message in the plain and direct sense of the Lectionary readings.

The contrast between Old Ways and New Ways: Promised Land, Reconciliation to God, and a Prodigal Hitting Bottom.

People who are thirsty and hungry seek the nourishment of God’s word – for many a word about repentance.

The divine covenant sets God’s believing servants on a journey through struggles and restraints toward a promised land and the city of the Passion.

Folks who trust in the Lord and confess God’s saving deeds are delivered from temptation by God’s Holy Word.

In a world darkened by sin, prayers of confession and pleas for forgiveness are the acceptable sacrifices to God.

In strange ways, the aura of God’s glory appears around God’s servants during their labors on behalf of the called people.

When humans encounter God’s revelation, there is danger, great awe, and a reversal in the direction of their lives.

God calls prophets to deliver both bad news and good news, but even good news can be a threat to privileged home folks.

The reading of the scriptures gathers God’s people while the Anointed One has good news for the poor.

The joy of Epiphany season is that of extravagant weddings!


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