Criminal Justice

Help increase employment opportunities for people with criminal records. Make phone calls to the following State Representatives TODAY.

Current laws make it illegal for employers in schools and park districts to hire qualified, law-abiding candidates because of past mistakes, no matter how old the offenses.

An important part of Community Renewal Society’s (CRS) work is to bring together congregations to fight for social justice. Every fall CRS holds an Annual Membership Assembly to set priorities for our organizing and policy work. On Saturday, October 4, CRS membership voted to initiate two new campaigns and renew three campaigns launched in 2013.

Governor Quinn signed a law to fund meaningful community-based services for survivors of human trafficking and encourage a more effective law enforcement response to end demand for sexual exploitation.

The Joint Criminal Justice Reform Committee of the Illinois General Assembly met for the first time this week. We are advocating for the committee to look at long-term criminal justice sentencing reform.

In one of his final acts Jesus forgives a repenting thief on the cross. What does this mean for us as his followers? Jesus’ action calls us to re-examine our criminal justice system and work for policies that more closely align with the justice Jesus models on the cross.

Mark had dreamed of a day when he could truly have a second chance. And, on January 2, 2014, when HB 3061, the Illinois Sealing Criminal Records Bill took effect, that day finally came!

We need to be "smart" rather than "tough" on crime to reduce violence. SB 1342 takes a counterproductive, piecemeal approach to gun violence.

Every day 3.9 million men and women in Illinois are denied opportunities to decent employment and housing. Current law and practices prevent hard-working, law-abiding individuals the chance to move forward from past mistakes. HB 3061 would give many of them a better future.


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