Police Accountability

Increase police accountability in Chicago through three initiatives.


Over two years ago, all eyes were on Ferguson when Mike Brown was murdered by a police officer, while holding his hands up. What happened in Ferguson was not an isolated incident, but a systemic issue within law enforcement agencies across the country.

  Wednesday, the Chicago City Council will vote on Mayor Emanuel’s proposed police reform ordinance. The Mayor’s plan directly ignores the needs and demands of our communities. We cannot accept this negligent reform that was crafted without the best interests of our communities in mind.

The FAIR COPS Ordinance would immediately increase police accountability by establishing an Office of Police Auditor to independently monitor patterns of police misconduct, ensure that officers are investigated and held accountable for their actions, and make policy changes that provide meaningful systemic reform. As people of faith, we are called upon to demand justice now.

Update: The Chicago City Council is scheduled to vote on the Mayor's ordinance on Thursday, September 29, 2016.  CRS does not endorse the Mayor's ordinance.

Take Action: 

Community Renewal Society

 Mayor Emanuel's plan to “transform” Chicago’s system of policing lacks the teeth necessary to actually get the job done.

"How long, O Lord, how long?" As we continue to lament the devastating deaths across the nation resulting from interactions between police and black victims, we turn to action.

Police Accountability

The Illinois General Assembly did not take action on several important police accountability bills to remove the sworn affidavit requirement to file a police misconduct complaint and prevent the destruction of police misconduct records.

 A new research report from Community Renewal So.ciety finds that the two civilian oversight agencies charged with investigating and disciplining police misconduct in Chicago.

 “I have gangs in my community and in the area where I go to school, but I find myself more fearful of the police.”

Community Renewal Society

 Over 1,500 faith and community leaders rallied on Monday to honor the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the annual Community Renewal Society Faith in Action Assembly, held in First Baptist Congregational Church on Chicago’s West Side.

 Fifty days have passed since the video of LaQuan McDonald’s killing was released, and yet Mayor Emanuel and the City Council have taken no decisive action to address the systemic failures of Chicago’s police oversight.


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