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Identified by our member congregations, the issues for Community Renewal Society's 2013-2014 Platform for Renewal direct our policy and organizing work. Join us as--together--we put our faith in action for the common good by advocating for education reform through a fair tax, affordable housing, violence reduction, and job opportunities for ex-offenders and long-term unemployed workers.

The money that we spend on keeping people in the Cook County Jail wastes taxpayer dollars, damages lives, and does nothing to stop the violence in our communities. That's why we have launched the Reclaim Campaign.

Thank you for standing up against mandatory minimums and contacting your state legislators.

Join us in calling on members of the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor to oppose SB 1342 and any new legislation that expands mandatory minimums or enhances Illinois’ already harsh sentencing policies.

We need to be "smart" rather than "tough" on crime to reduce violence. SB 1342 takes a counterproductive, piecemeal approach to gun violence.

Are you wondering how the Affordable Care Act will affect you, your faith institution and your community? The Campaign for Better Health Care's In-Person Counselors can help.

In late August 2013, Governor Quinn signed into law two key pieces of criminal justice legislation, which go into effect immediately.

Good news! Governor Quinn has signed most of our 2013 legislative priorities into law.

Over the past year, Community Renewal Society advocated for common-sense anti-trafficking gun measures. We are disappointed in the new concealed carry law enacted by the IL General Assembly because it lacks many safeguards.

Thanks to advocates like you, and in concert with our amazing Advocacy Network members, congregational organizers, and coalition partners, we have good news to report from this year’s session.


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