Expand Record Sealing Eligibility: Support HB 2373

HB 2373 expands the eligibility of felony records that can be sealed, allowing more people to petition the court to have their records sealed from public view. However, certain convictions that are already an exception in the sealing law remain ineligible for sealing:  sex offenses, domestic battery, violations of orders of protection, animal crimes, and DUIs/reckless driving. 

BILL SIGNED INTO LAW on August 24, 2017 by Governor Rauner as Public Act 100-0284.  

BILL PASSED both the House and Senate with significant bi-partisan support: House Vote on 4/27/17 (80-34-00) and Senate Vote on 5/30/17 (36-19-02).

Thank you to all of our sponsors, the Restoring Rights and Opportunities Coalition (RROCI) and you, for your continued advocacy to remove barriers and increase opportunities for people with records to have access to quality jobs, safe housing, and education.  

Sealed records are hidden from public view, but remain available to law enforcement and other authorized entities. The process to seal a record is not automatic or immediate. Individuals must wait three years from the completion of their last sentence to apply and the court always has discretion to seal past records. There are safeguards throughout the sealing process. Law enforcement, as well as agencies that require finger printing for employment, always have access to sealed records.

HB 2373 was proposed as a result of surveying almost 400 individuals with records, who strongly identified increasing opportunities for decent employment and housing as the most pressing issue to address.  Currently, only 9 felonies are eligible to be sealed in Illinois.

We are proud to work on this legislation in partnership with members of the Restoring Rights and Opportunities Coalition of Illinois (RROCI), a coalition of individuals directly impacted by the criminal justice system, organizers, and policy staff from Cabrini Green Legal Aid, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Community Renewal Society, and Heartland Alliance.

HB 2373 Fact Sheet (updated 5/31/17)
FAQ on Sealing Criminal Records in Illinois

For more information, contact:
Lindsey Hammond | lhammond@communityrenewalsociety.org | (312) 673-3841


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