Community Renewal Society provides assistance to individuals through a fund entitled the Emaroy June Smith Fund.  Under the terms of the will, the fund is used “to meet the needs of retired ministers, missionaries, their [spouses] or [survivors], Christian workers and others who have worked along the line of educational or social welfare work.” Gifts from the fund go to help those with very low income who struggle with the basic necessities such as rent, food, medical expenses and other costs.

First Baptist Church

It seems as if every month we are making a statement regarding another attack of mass violence. Words that continue to play in our minds over and over are “how long, oh Lord, how long?” Exactly how long is long enough?

Thank you for your commitment to dismantling racism and poverty in our communities. Like you, we are determined to advocate for change until we live in a society free of hate, poverty, racism, and violence, where all are given the opportunity to live up to their God-given potential. To this end, we are excited to share with you highlights from our recent Annual Membership Assembly (AMA). We encourage you to learn more about our new Platform for Renewal and register for workshops and events that will equip you to advance the work of justice.

CRS honored leaders who exemplify commitment to faith and justice with the 2017 AMA Awards.

Democracy in Chains, The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America. Nancy’s book has been called, “A worthy companion to Jane Mayer’s Dark Money. MacLean’s intense and extensive examination of the right-wing’s rise to power is perhaps the best explanation to date of the roots of the political divide that threatens to irrevocably alter American government.”

Nancy is the William Chafe Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke University, and award-winning author of books about affirmative action and the Klu Klux Klan. 

ACLU, CRS, and Community Groups File Lawsuit to Ensure Court Oversight of Reform for the Chicago Police Department

Suit targets CPD’s use of force on people with disabilities, includes engagement with Black and Latino Chicagoans

October 4, 2017                                  

Rev. Saeed Richardson
(312) 687 8576

Rev. Robbie Craig

It is with great remorse that Community Renewal Society offers its prayers and thoughts for the victims, families, and friends who are suffering the great tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday evening. In the wake of similar tragedies in Orlando, San Bernardino, Charleston, and Newton, no community in our nation should have the burden of bearing “another mass shooting.” We condemn and abhor this act of violence.


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