Social Media Guide


During our Day of Faith at the Capitol, take action and amplify our impact on social media!

Mention, Like, Follow, and Tag CRS and Share our Posts:

  • Facebook: @communityrenewalsociety

  • Twitter: @CRSchicago

  • Instagram: crschicago

This Year we will Advocate for:

  • Landlord incentives for housing opportunities for returning citizens (HB 3332)

  • To end money bond in Illinois and reduce pretrial incarceration (HB 3347)

  • A Fair Tax for our state now (SJCRA 1)

Use Hashtags & Tweet at:

  • Use #CRSDayofFaith #WeAreCRS

  • Use #HB3332 #LandlordCredit #RROCI

  • Use #HB3347 #EndMoneyBail @endmoneybond

  • Use # SJCRA1 #FairTaxNow @RespBudgetIL

  • Twitter use #twill (Twitter Illinois)

Sample Tweets:

  • Sample tweets can be found at: Tweet at the Governor (@GovPritzker) and legislators by using their Twitter handles. Remember, if the Twitter handle is at the beginning of the tweet, you must place a “.” as the first character or the tweet will not show up in their feed.

  • Find your legislator on Twitter:

Share your Pictures with us:

  • E-mail pictures to:

  • Use the Google Drive app on your phone to share pictures with


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