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The Heart, Soul and Spirit of Our Mission

Congregation Membership

Our Member Congregations come together across racial, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic lines to shape public policies that foster hope and create opportunity for all Illinois residents. Member Congregations form an effective and powerful network that speaks the truth with one resounding and persuasive voice to overcome the barriers of poverty and racism. View our Member Congregations by geographic area: North, West and South of Chicago.

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Community Renewal Society's work is drawn from and led by our Member Congregations. Congregations across the Chicago metropolitan area come together to address the most pressing issues facing their communities. Congregations make an annual donation to CRS. Our organizers work with the congregations to identify, train, and develop congregational leaders. Together, these leaders work to identify the key issues affecting the members of their church and community and motivate and activate the church for large-scale action.
Congregations meet two to four times a year at leadership councils to identify issues of concern and launch new campaigns. One of these meetings is the Annual Membership Assembly where Member Congregations also elect the Board of Directors.  Congregations also participate in organization-wide annual events such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Faith in Action Assembly and the Day of Faith at the Capitol.
When Member Congregations choose a new campaign, an Issue Team is formed. This team, made up of 10-15 leaders with special knowledge or passion for the issue, creates the campaign strategy, plans events, and leads public action to impact change.  
The Policy and Organizing Committee (POC) is the decision-making body that represents the congregations and board of CRS.  POC guides and supports the work of the Policy and Organizing departments and establishes the priorities for our campaign work. POC is not responsible for day to day management of campaigns, but rather seeks to support and advise staff and managerial leadership as they advance our Platform for Renewal, as voted on by our congregational members. 

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