Biblical Words

Biblical Words—Lectionary Studies

Jay Wilcoxen spent twenty years teaching Bible at the University of Chicago, before becoming involved in hospital management and finances. In the tradition of the Apostle Matthew, Jay combined accounting and scripture interpreting in his years at Protestants for the Common Good, and in retirement he stills cheers for the causes at Community Renewal Society. Jay's mission is to listen for a Christian Progressive message in the plain and direct sense of the Lectionary readings.

God keeps bringing up choices – for nations engaged in evil, slave owners living the faith, and disciples on the journey of their lives.

Chosen people betray the heritage of their God, while others journey on toward the etiquette of God’s banquet.

Prophets experience divine constraint, pilgrims pass through shaking times, and Jesus places compassion above divine law.

God judges his own choice vineyard, and pilgrims struggle on their way to a better time.

What does God really want? Justice, mercy, and pilgrims who live by faith.

God’s love may temper even God’s justice, but the new life excludes the idolatry of greed.

Fathers and children may symbolize God’s disciplining and love, with prayers freeing the children from fears and want.

For some people prophets have words of doom; for others a word of Wisdom that may radically change priorities.

The judgment of God can mean the death of a nation, though God’s will is for the compassion of the Good Samaritan.

Prophets and apostles bring healing and a time of decision for villages along the way.


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