Biblical Words

Biblical Words—Lectionary Studies

Jay Wilcoxen spent twenty years teaching Bible at the University of Chicago, before becoming involved in hospital management and finances. In the tradition of the Apostle Matthew, Jay combined accounting and scripture interpreting in his years at Protestants for the Common Good, and in retirement he stills cheers for the causes at Community Renewal Society. Jay's mission is to listen for a Christian Progressive message in the plain and direct sense of the Lectionary readings.

The chosen people may commit great sin, but God’s purpose still prevails through God’s own mediating servants. 

The Law of God is an awesome revelation, but the divine patience is even more profound. 

Water from the rock validates Moses’ authority, and John’s baptism anticipates Jesus’ authority.

God provides food to a doubting people, and a Generous Employer pays incommensurate wages. 

Israelites sang God’s triumph over Pharaoh, and Jesus people were taught to forgive each other. 

Deliverance involves both the redeemed and their enemies, and even the community of love needs ways to keep its boundaries. 

God’s salvation has critical turning points—a plan to send a deliverer to Egypt, the turn of an Anointed One toward Jerusalem. 

Oppressed Israel hides a Moses, Peter confesses a Messiah, and Paul calls for a spiritual worship.

Israel was first in God’s salvation design, but the goal was an inclusive grace for all people of faith. 

The stories of Joseph and Jesus are simple, but loaded with challenges to faith, past and present. 


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