Anti-NATO activists make the connection between military alliance and local immigration battles

Yana Kunichoff | The Chicago Reporter

What are the connections between the proposed immigration detention center in Crete, a small town just south of Chicago, and an international military alliance?

Lots, say a group of activists connecting the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to immigration issues in Chicago.

A protest outside of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in downtown Chicago, said Crystal Vance Guerra, was designed to bring attention to how "foreign wars affect us here at home."

The coming NATO summit, and the media attention it brings, is being used by groups around the city to highlight the injustices affecting their communities. The week of action leading up to start of meetings May 20 includes protests around the environment, education and housing rights.

The argument against spending billions of dollars to support NATO operations, a specific position voiced by thousands in Chicago, is also being used against plans for the new detention facility in Crete.

"It's a matter of priorities when our communities are suffering," said Megan Selby, who has been working against the Crete center.

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