CPS, CTU prepare for fact-finding in contract negotiation

Rebecca Harris | Catalyst Chicago

CPS and the Chicago Teachers Union, which have been in mediation since early February, have appointed members of a fact-finding panel – one of the final steps of a lengthy, legally required pre-strike process set out in Illinois law.

According to a document provided by the Chicago Teachers Union, CPS and the union have agreed to appoint the arbitrator Edwin H. Benn as one member of the panel. However, CPS officials have not yet confirmed that plans for fact-finding are under way.

CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey, who taught at Senn High School prior to being elected to union leadership, will represent the union on the panel, according to the document. Joseph Moriarty, the CPS deputy general counsel, will represent the district.

According to the CTU document, the process will begin until May 1. (A spokesperson for the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board said Monday that the board had not yet received a legally required demand for fact-finding.)

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