How much does race, stress play into Chicago police misconduct?

Angela Caputo | The Chicago Reporter

How deep does misconduct run in the Chicago Police Department? Is race a factor? Do officers themselves ever feel they've been targeted by abusive cops?

I wasn’t expecting straight answers when I cold-called Officer Richard Wooten on his cell phone. Getting a police officer to talk about misconduct among his peers seemed like a long shot.

Not only was I naming names in a follow up to my investigation into repeat offenders within the CPD for The Chicago Reporter, but I was also exposing a pattern of brutality in the Gresham District where Wooten lives and works.

I was stunned when he invited me over.

We sat down in a commercial building on 75th Street, the headquarters of a private security company Wooten owns. I couldn’t squeeze our entire interview into our latest story, “Abusing the badge.” But here’s more from our conversation:

Is race a factor in police misconduct?

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