The number of minority teachers in Chicago has been on a downturn

Rebecca Harris | Catalyst Chicago

The Center for American Progress released a report recently, “Teacher Diversity Matters,”detailing the “teacher diversity gap” state-by-state.

The findings paint a sobering picture of minority under-representation, statewide, in the teaching profession: Just 54 percent of Illinois students are white, but 89 percent of teachers are.

While teacher diversity has improved nationally in recent years, the number of minority teachers in Chicago has been on a downturn. A Catalyst Chicago analysis published in the Winter 2011 issue of Catalyst in Depth found that 62 percent of new teachers in CPS today are white, compared with 48 percent a decade ago, while 90 percent of students are children of color.

One likely reason: Hiring has shifted from predominantly black Chicago State University to other schools where more education program graduates are white.

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