It is too late to save LaQuan McDonald’s life, but you can take action now to stop more lives from being taken by violent police officers. Tell your alderman to support the FAIR COPS Ordinance.

Clearly, we have a reprehensible police accountability problem in Chicago. Read Part 1 of this blog for an in-depth look at the numbers that demonstrate just how bad it is.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, and other top brass at city hall would have you believe that Chicago’s policing and police oversight are the standard of excellence.

They say that police and community relations have improved, the Superintendent just finished a “community listening tour,” the newly-created Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) is holding police accountable for misconduct, and the Police Board has fired the “bad cops.”

Our communities on the South Side of Chicago experience disproportionate rates of violence and police brutality and we need our elected officials to stand with us for real change. Our efforts to reduce violence and increase police accountability are at a critical moment and we need your voice.

A dozen leaders and representatives from CRS and Jane Addams Senior Caucus met with Mayor Rahm Emanuel to structural police reforms. What did the Mayor say?

Aldermen and Cook County Commissioners will soon make decisions to commit taxpayer funds and public land in the Illinois Medical District without any accountability from the developers to benefit Westside residents.  

Economic development has the potential to strengthen our local communities, but the current system just benefits developers. Crucial issues, such as creating good jobs and housing, are not being considered before a project is approved, while nearby residents have little opportunity for input. 

Faith leaders and community residents who have been victims of police abuse marked Ash Wednesday by calling for the City of Chicago to repent for police violence at the Mayor’s office today.


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