Sarah Karp

Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman and Mayor Richard M. Daley. (Kate Gardiner/ WBEZ)

(Reposted from Catalyst Chicago)  With a backdrop of light streaming through the spotless windows of the library of a brand-new school, Jose Hernandez said what everyone else in the room may well have been thinking: That the building would be part of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s legacy.

Indeed, as much as for anything else, Chicagoans will remember Daley as the mayor who was handed control of the city’s 600-plus public schools and invested his emotional and political capital in improving them. At press conferences heralding educational accomplishments throughout his years in office, Daley often became red-faced when challenged,passionately defending his efforts.

Thousands of students in early grades miss weeks of school

Rebecca Harris | Catalyst Chicago

Preschool and the primary grades lay an educational foundation for children’s schooling, but chronic absenteeism in the early grades can crack that foundation—and in CPS, 15 percent of children in preschool through 3rd grade missed a month or more of school in 2010. A new study will shed more light on the problem and point the way toward solutions.

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