Illinois Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Al Shaw

While CRS can celebrate some terrific victories, including advancing the Illinois Sealing Bill (HB 5723) out of the House Judiciary II Committee and unfreezing the Illinois Affordable Housing Trust Fund, that provides $15 million for the development of affordable housing, one important issue of our Platform for Renewal still needs to be accomplished. The budget that the legislature sent to Gov. Pat Quinn still leaves $16 million untouched in the Rental Housing Support Program Fund (RHSPF), to be swept to pay other bills rather than to expand the number of low-income families, people with disabilities and people on fixed incomes who can receive rental assistance.

On January 16, more than 500 leaders from Community Renewal Society member congregations converged on Kingdom Baptist Church for the second annual Martin Luther King Jr. Faith in Action Assembly. At this powerful gathering, leaders from the Illinois General Assembly, including

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