Restorative Justice

Join us for the Day of Faith at the Capitol on May 9 when we will celebrate and acknowledge the great work of FORCE.

Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice’s Youth Center at Kewanee.

 On behalf of Community Renewal Society, I urge you to immediately close the Illinois Department of
Juvenile Justice’s Youth Center at Kewanee.

Press Conference

 Restorative Justice is our best hope for real transformation. If we truly want criminal justice reform, it is time we focus not just on dismantling the ineffective and destructive criminal justice system, but also start investing in building the infrastructure of a community-based Restorative Justice system.

  The following testimony was given by Jack Jackson at the Southside Cook County Public Budget Hearing on October 28, 2015 in support of the Reclaim Campaign’s ask for Cook County Commissioners to increase funding for Restorative Justice.

  We can prevent violence in our communities by investing more in community-based Restorative Justice programs that literally save lives.

There is plenty of evidence that our current public safety strategy is not working. It's time for Cook County to invest in preventing violence instead of reacting to it. We cannot arrest ourselves out of this problem.

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