Restoring Opportunities And Justice Reform

Increase employment, housing, and educational opportunities for people with criminal records.

Participate in a virtual Day of Faith at the Capitol

“I had worked at a nursing home for 14 years,” LaKesia testified. “I had good reviews, and the residents liked me. But, none of that mattered when a new owner took over. He fired me because of my background. I applied for a waiver, but my job is already gone.”

FORCE members and community leaders from partner organizations, working with a wide coalition of criminal justice advocates, led the campaign that resulted in the passage of HB 494 in the Illinois House of Representatives on April 23.

In this Easter season, FORCE leaders are spearheading advocacy efforts for people with criminal records who have turned their lives around to have the opportunity to work in local schools. Help us keep the momentum going before the next crucial deadline.

FORCE leader, Floyd Stafford, recently testified before the Illinois House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee to support HB 494 to remove life-time hiring bans in schools for people with past drug convictions who have turned their lives around.

Help increase employment opportunities for people with criminal records. Make phone calls to the following State Representatives TODAY.

Nearly 1,500 people from CRS congregations and neighborhood organizations across the city filled Liberty Baptist Church on Chicago’s south side yesterday to take action in the spirit of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Current laws make it illegal for employers in schools and park districts to hire qualified, law-abiding candidates because of past mistakes, no matter how old the offenses.

An important part of Community Renewal Society’s (CRS) work is to bring together congregations to fight for social justice. Every fall CRS holds an Annual Membership Assembly to set priorities for our organizing and policy work. On Saturday, October 4, CRS membership voted to initiate two new campaigns and renew three campaigns launched in 2013.

As we learned from the Civil Rights Movement, united and organized people can achieve life changing results. Every voter, every vote, and every election matters. Join us to build our power and raise our voices together for justice.


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