Restoring Opportunities And Justice Reform

Increase employment, housing, and educational opportunities for people with criminal records.

Like in Ferguson, young leaders in our communities report needing to be protected from the police, instead of by the police.

Quintin Williams, a leader of FORCE (Fighting to Overcome Records and Create Equality), reflects on his experience at CRS' Day of Faith at the Capitol where he witnessed the immense power in collective, unified "faith in action."

In one of his final acts Jesus forgives a repenting thief on the cross. What does this mean for us as his followers? Jesus’ action calls us to re-examine our criminal justice system and work for policies that more closely align with the justice Jesus models on the cross.

Join us in calling on members of the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor to oppose SB 1342 and any new legislation that expands mandatory minimums or enhances Illinois’ already harsh sentencing policies.

Every day 3.9 million men and women in Illinois are denied opportunities to decent employment and housing. Current law and practices prevent hard-working, law-abiding individuals the chance to move forward from past mistakes. HB 3061 would give many of them a better future.


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