First Baptist Congregational Church

A cornerstone of the near west side

Since 1991, First Baptist Congregational Church has been a cornerstone of the work of Community Renewal Society and of the near west side community. As a church that seeks to “nurture its members holistically in the discovery of gifts, needs and God’s calling,” First Baptist hosts countless ministries and reaches out to its local neighborhood, the city of Chicago, and missions across the world.

Under the leadership of Senior Pastor George Daniels, who also serves on the CRS Board of Directors, First Baptist has been a driving force for change and social justice. Its members regularly fill entire buses for actions, including our annual trips to Springfield. First Baptist has also taken full advantage of CRS training to build the leadership skills of its members. Leaders from First Baptist have served on the Reclaim Campaign, Police Brutality, Affordable Housing, and Jobs Issue Teams.  Both the ministers and lay leaders regularly participate in CRS’s 3 Day Organizing Training. CRS has even tailored specialized trainings on leadership development for First Baptist’s leadership teams. 

JChurch Pastor Danny Jones says, “Working with CRS has offered our church a way to be a part of creating real change on the issues that matter to our neighborhoods, as well as enhance the leadership of our members and the ministries of our church.” 

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