The Unitarian Church of Evanston

UCE has quickly become one of the most powerful churches in CRS!

The Unitarian Church of Evanston (UCE) has quickly become one of the most powerful churches in CRS! In 2013, UCE turned out 18 congregational leaders to the Martin Luther King Faith in Action Assembly, and in 2014 they more than doubled their turnout to 40. But last month, UCE turned out a remarkable 74 members from their congregation to Liberty Baptist Church and all three of their state legislators—Senator Daniel Biss, Representative Robyn Gabel, and Representative Laura Fine!

UCE has achieved these successes by strengthening relationships between members of their congregation and by investing in the development of their leaders. Over the past two summers, UCE has held community listening campaigns that have resulted in one-on-ones with more than 150 people. And over the past three years, 7 UCE leaders have completed the CRS Three Day Organizing Training and more than 20 have completed the CRS Confronting Pharaoh Training.

Dale Griffin, leader of the CRS Justice Team at UCE said, “Our congregation has loved being part of the CRS community and glad to be part of its power.  Our new minister, Bret Lortie, believes in the CRS approach and has encouraged us to deeper involvement."

UCE has a long history of social action including hosting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1962, marching for fair housing in Evanston, working for peace, and helping local agencies with the problems faced by the homeless. As Unitarian Universalists, they aspire to "stand on the side of love" in their social action, in respect for the dignity and worth of every person.

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