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Executive Director

Rev. Dr. Waltrina N. Middleton

I am grateful to Creator and ancestors for the path set before me as Executive Director of Community Renewal Society and its rich legacy of transformative leadership around racial equity and socio-economic justice.

It is not lost on me the significance of embarking on this path in the backdrop of racial unrest, xenophobia, and state sanctioned violence against Brown and Black bodies at the borders and in the streets of America. This is a Kairos moment calling the Beloved Community to insist on love, truth telling, and embodying moral courage and integrity as we work unapologetically to dismantle white supremacist constructs in our city, nation and worldwide.

We must do this work together, with youth and young adults intergenerationally, inclusively, and authentically beyond the walls of the church. Together, alongside our member congregations; I am eager to continue the work of CRS demonstrating the urgency of the intersections of faith and justice, decrying bigotry, sexism and classism in all forms. Our faith calls us to the margins, right now, as repairers of the breach and as hearers of the people’s narratives.

In the spirit of the Hopi elders, we are the ones we have been waiting for. This is the hour. Right now.