Faith Reflections

Faith Reflections

Contributing authors and speakers share their insights on matters of faith and the community.

God wants us to free the oppressed, feed the hungry, and house the homeless as an outpouring of our faith in God and love for God’s world.

In the fall of 2010, I conducted an education session in a church on the Illinois state budget crisis--agencies closing, human services being gutted, no real hope immediately in sight. The minister came up to me afterward. He apologized for the low attendance: there were only about 7 or 8 people at the session. Why? He tried to explain: “We’ve all heard about these problems, and it doesn’t seem like we can do very much about them. Don’t you ever get discouraged?” he asked.

Rev. Linda Hanna Walling calls for a radical revolution of values in her Faithful Reform's blog.

As Advent comes to a close, we at PCG share with you a Christmas poem written by Madeline L'Engle. She reminds us that Christ did not come in a time of of peace or when all were ready. Rather, he came to a world that was enduring hardships and pain - much like ours today.

Those of us who work for social justice know the steep mountain we face, but our faith sheds light and joy on an otherwise contested environment.

All of us have hiding places and coping mechanisms for times of trouble and trauma, but we also need to figure out where we can go for healing and reassurance. Jesus' healing of the lepers (Luke 17:10-19) gives us an important insight into that search.

As the anniversary of the terrible events of 9/11 approaches, many people of good will are surely disturbed by the outcroppings of hatred and distrust--even violence--that are appearing across our land.

An angry God condemning the people because of their treatment of the poor is the message of Amos 8:1-12.

If a loved one, a child perhaps, was in the heartbreaking throws of an addiction, wouldn’t you seek help in the form of treatment?

I count myself doubly privileged today—privileged, first, to speak about Bob Wilcox, and privileged, second, to stand in for Donald Benedict, the person who would have done this better had he not returned, before Bob, to the boundless love of God. Don Benedict and Bob Wilcox had a special bond, forged in part when Don was Executive Director and Bob board member and board president at the Community Renewal Society.


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