Faith Reflections

Faith Reflections

Contributing authors and speakers share their insights on matters of faith and the community.

How do we--individually and as PCG--persuade a fractured society that only where "Mercy, Love and Pity dwell There God is dwelling too?"

Rev. Currie maintains that what we do in this very difficult situation to care for the “least of these” has a direct bearing on our relationship with God and our capacity for Christian discipleship.

As we publish our "usual" Common Good Network, we pause for a few moments to pray for the people of Haiti. We struggle to comprehend the great pain and suffering of our sisters and brothers caught in this horrendous tragedy. Our hearts are heavy, and we think not only about the victims in Haiti but also about those of you who are waiting to hear from friends and family. As we find ways to respond faithfully to this unimaginable disaster, we share this prayer.

Suppose there's a Sunday School class of four and five year olds, and I walk into the room. Think how the average age of people in the room jumps, even though none of the children is a day older. Or, better: Suppose it's Friday night in an American middle-class neighborhood. The local bar is crowded. In walks Bill Gates. Think how the average income of people in the bar escalates, even though none of the local patrons has received a salary raise. Something like that happened in our economy in the three decades prior to the collapse last Autumn.


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