Put Your Faith into Action!

FIAT is the Faith in Action Team

The Faith in Action Team is an opportunity for members of CRS congregations to intentionally put Jesus at the center of community organizing and social justice work. In cooperation with CRS Organizing staff, congregational members meet as the FIAT to engage in the planning and implementation of actions based on CRS’ Platform of Renewal. FIAT members receive a monthly Campaign Update email which includes event invitations and online actions.

Goals and Expectations


  • Is comprised of a minimum of four members who are at least 16 years of age and in good standing with their congregation.

  • Meets once a month at member congregation churches and provides meeting minutes to their respective CRS organizer.

  • Adopts one issue annually that is relevant to the congregation and can be resolved within one year, with the support of their respective CRS organizer.

  • Makes an annual contribution to CRS.

FIAT members:

  • Follow the call of Jesus to serve.

  • Represent their congregation at CRS actions.

  • Organize their congregation to contribute to CRS actions.

  • Work at the behest of their pastor to develop a consistent social justice ministry.

  • FIAT members can create awareness of this work among their social network.


FIAT members will have opportunities to serve as leaders during major CRS events and actions. FIAT leadership positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Executive Officer are open to all members of the FIAT.

Time commitments

  • FIAT meetings (monthly)

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Faith in Action Assembly (January)

  • Winter Leadership Council (March)

  • Day of Faith at the Capital (April)

  • Summer Leadership Council (June)

  • Annual Membership Assembly (October)

Training/Educational Opportunities:

  • Three Day Community Organizing Training (discounted for FIAT members)

  • Chicago Advocacy 101

  • Illinois Advocacy 101

Social Media

CRS Organizers will assist FIAT members to build an online community by providing social media training. Members may share information from campaign updates, like CRS on Facebook, follow CRS on Twitter, subscribe to CRS’ YouTube channel and share experiences using #WeAreCRS.

  • Facebook- @communityrenewalsociet.org

  • Twitter - @CRSchicago

  • YouTube - crschicago