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SJRCA 1 – Fair Tax

The Illinois income tax structure is poorly designed and unsustainable. A fair tax, with lower rates for the middle class and higher rates for higher incomes, will help to ensure Illinois' financial stability and get our fiscal house in order. Illinois needs a long-term solution to our state's fiscal problems—now.

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HB 2689 – Pretrial Data Act

Currently, our criminal justice system does not track the number of people in jail due to their inability to pay bond. This bill will increase government transparency and accountability by requiring Clerks of the Court and Sheriff's Offices to submit monthly pretrial reports to Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, which will then be made publicly available for five years.

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HB 3347 – Equal Justice for All Act

This bill will prohibit the use of money bond. No one will be incarcerated before they go to trial simply because they cannot afford to pay a certain amount of money. HB 3347 also requires courts to provide common sense pretrial services; improves court efficiency; and increases government transparency.

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