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SJCRA 1 – Fair Tax (Sen. Don Harmon)

After a welcomed announcement from Governor Pritzker calling for the passing of a Fair Tax this spring, we are preparing to take part in this great fight for economic equality in Illinois with the Responsible Budget Coalition. Please join us at our annual Day of Faith at the Capitol, where we will advocate for a Fair Tax that will provide relief to families who desperately need it. A fair tax, with lower rates for the middle class and higher rates for higher incomes, is needed to ensure financial stability. Illinois needs a long-term solution to our state's fiscal problems—now.

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HB 2689 – Pretrial Data Act (Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth)

Currently, our criminal justice system does not track the number of people in jail due to their inability to pay bond. This bill will increase government transparency and accountability by requiring Clerks of the Court and Sheriff's Offices to submit monthly pretrial reports to Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, which will then be made publicly available for five years.

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