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SB 1780 (HFA 3) – Housing as a Human Right

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released guidance that the use of arrest records has a disproportionate and discriminatory impact on people of color. This bill will prohibit landlords from using arrest or juvenile records (as well as records ordered expunged, sealed or impounded) in their decision making. It also aligns human rights protections in housing with Illinois law which has existing provisions for employment.

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HB 2620/SB 2054 – Restorative Sentencing Act

Individuals who complete classes to earn program sentencing credit are more likely to have a productive transition back into society, which reduces the chances of re-offending. Giving individuals an incentive to participate in these programs through sentence credits is one of the best ways to safely reduce the prison population; improve the safety of prisons; and to prepare men and women to become productive members of society. The Restorative Sentencing Act would provide program sentencing credit to individuals who successfully complete a program, resulting in a reduced prison sentence of no more than 10% off their time sentenced.

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