SJRCA 1 – Fair Tax

Just Economy for Safe Communities

Just Economy for Safe Communities

Status: We are closer than we have ever been to passing the Fair Tax. On May 1, 2019 the Illinois Senate passed the Fair Tax Amendment by a vote 40-19! The House is now poised to consider and vote on the constitutional amendment necessary to pave the way for the Fair Tax (SJRCA 1, amendment 1). Each day we come closer to the vote our opponents mobilize by calling their legislators. We need to show that there is broad support across Illinois for the Fair Tax now.

Problem: Our state's income tax structure is poorly designed and unsustainable. The current flat tax is an unfair and unduly burdens middle class and working families. These families spend a higher percentage of their total income on state taxes than wealthy taxpayers. Illinois has been unable to consistently support programs that strengthen communities: education, human services, healthcare and public safety.

Solution: A Fair Tax, with lower rates for the middle class and higher rates for higher incomes, is the only way to address the crisis and ensure financial stability in our state. It would protect working families, make our system more fair and raise much needed revenue for our state. We must adequately fund schools and social services. This is the most fair way to raise that revenue.

Resources: Under Governor Pritzker's proposal, 97% of taxpayers would pay the same or less (see examples) and get much needed property tax relief. Only people making more than $250,000 will see a tax increase. Try the Fair Tax Calculator to understand the impact the Governor’s Fair Tax proposal would have on your family.