Meet FORCE Leader, Alonzo Waheed

FORCE leader, Alonzo Waheed, has been a returning citizen for 10 years now. Alonzo got training through FORCE to become more effective in building people up and organizing for change in our communities.

Alonzo now works in operations and studies accounting at Taylor Business Institute. He is totally invested in showing individuals the value of an education and making sure that they can make it over hurdles to have the skills that they need. 

Speaking about FORCE, Alonzo explains, “The things that we’re doing are almost unheard of… You’re not just going to see change today; you’re going to see change tomorrow. This is the legacy that we’re building.”

Along with Alonzo, Community Renewal Society urges you to invest in FORCE this #GivingTuesday by making a donation on November 29 (or before!). In doing so, you will join a movement of people with records, their families, and faith allies who are fighting for justice in the face of mass incarceration.

View Alonzo’s FORCE testimony on YouTube.

Be a part of real change. Invest in FORCE today!

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