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Congregation Membership

Our member congregations come together across racial, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic lines to shape public policies that foster hope and create opportunity for all Illinois residents. Member congregations form an effective and powerful network that speaks the truth with one resounding and persuasive voice to overcome the barriers of racism and poverty.

View member congregations by geographic area: North, West and South of Chicago and learn more about our leadership structure.

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Strengthening Congregations

Member congregations use organizing tools to strengthen their congregations. Congregational organizing works to activate members and expand the congregation's engagement with the wider community. A Faith in Action Team (sometimes called a Social Justice Team) is the core unit for faith-based organizing. FIATs work with CRS organizers to build relationships within their congregations, identify new leaders and then engage them in local, citywide and statewide campaigns for justice.

Developing Leaders

Healthy and active congregations are continually engaged in the renewal of leadership. Congregation members develop as leaders by engaging in one-on-one coaching from CRS organizers; participating in group training sessions; and taking on leadership roles within CRS actions.

Creating Change

CRS member congregations transform our communities. By listening, organizing and taking action, CRS wins campaigns to create real change in the lives of real people in our communities. See the impact we’ve made.

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