Minister Ronald W. Howell

Professional Title: 
Youth Minister
Metropolitan Community Church

Minister Ronald W. Howell serves as Youth Minister at Metropolitan Community Church, where he is responsible for all youth events and programming. Min. Howell who has worked in Youth Ministry for over 12 years, believes that teaching young people the word of God at an early age builds a foundation for a strong relationship with God through Christ that will last forever. Over the last 35 months Min. Howell has had 54 young people commit their lives to The Body of Christ, as he continues to grow the Youth Ministry at Metropolitan Community Church. In his professional career Min. Howell has an extensive background in Finance, Management, and Client Services, having previously worked for serving clients in Silicon Valley and IBM’s Banking, Finance and Securities Division serving clients on Wall Street. Currently Min. Howell works as a Day Trader for his own Day Trading business, Howell Trading. Min. Howell previously held the position of Managing Partner at Howell Brothers, where he was responsible for Dental Division Sales and Services. Minister Howell is an active leader with Community Renewal Society's Organizing work, where he serves on the Education/Budget Issue Team.

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