More Fearful of the Police Than Gangs

“I have gangs in my community and in the area where I go to school, but I find myself more fearful of the police.”

Those are the words of 18 year old Darrius Dubose from Transformation Community UMC who gave testimony at the CRS Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Faith in Action Assembly last week. Across Chicago, young African American men like Darrius live in constant fear that they will be the next victim of a police shooting. The only moral response to this fear is to overhaul Chicago’s police oversight system so that it holds police officers accountable instead of protecting them.

Contact the Mayor and your alderman about the proposed FAIR COPS Ordinance.

The proposed FAIR COPS Ordinance would establish an Office of Police Auditor to independently monitor patterns of police misconduct, ensure that officers are investigated and held accountable for their actions, and make policy changes that provide meaningful systemic reform. We must hear Darrius' testimony as a call to action. We must refuse wait for the recommendations of the mayor’s blue ribbon committee or the Department of Justice. We already have a solution—FAIR COPS.

Contact the Mayor and your alderman to demand FAIR COPS now.

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