Al Shaw

Longtime social justice activist and prominent faith leader Rev. Calvin S. Morris, Ph.D., has announced he will retire from his current post as Executive Director of the Community Renewal Society in June 2012, prompting an organizational effort to plan for its next phase.

Al Shaw

Catalyst Chicago recently launched a resource center on educating African-American boys. The web page is organized to encourage members of the community to get involved and learn more about the issue Catalyst investigated in June 2009. In that issue Catalyst reported that on virtually every measure

Megan Cottrell

Every city has poverty, right? Travel around the world, and it'd be difficult to find a city that doesn't have a ghetto or at least a "wrong side of the tracks."

They say that the poor are always with us, but they never mentioned how many there might be. This week, as we look at the 10 largest cities in America, you might be surprised to find out just how many poor people Chicago has and who they are. Today, we'll look at Chicago's poverty rate compared to New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas and San Jose to see how we stack up.

Civic Action Network

On November 13, the Civic Action Network and nearly 150 community leaders held a rally to launch the High HOPES (Healing Over the Punishment of Expulsions and Suspensions) campaign and call for a public commitment from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) officials and mayoral hopefuls to reduce the rate of student suspension and expulsions by 40 percent next school year.

Community Renewal Society is fortunate to be blessed with many individuals who are supportive of both our mission and our work. These individuals are essential in ensuring Community Renewal Society’s ability to thrive and flourish, even in the hardest of economic times.  Creative donors have found exciting ways to provide for the future of CRS. One way of guaranteeing that their legacy is continued far into the future through planned giving.

Rebecca Harris

Monroe Elementary Principal Edwin Rivera was excited to learn in fall 2008 that his school would receive grant money to start a restorative justice program. As a former counselor, Rivera is a strong believer in strategies that give schools an alternative to solve conflict and avoid suspensions. 

Monroe got off to a promising start. Rebecca Davis, a social worker from SGA Youth & Family Services, helped facilitate peace circles in several classrooms and trained about 15 to 20 students to serve on a peer jury, which presided over a handful of mock cases before the end of the school year. School administrators were optimistic about the program’s potential.

Sarah Karp

Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman and Mayor Richard M. Daley. (Kate Gardiner/ WBEZ)

(Reposted from Catalyst Chicago)  With a backdrop of light streaming through the spotless windows of the library of a brand-new school, Jose Hernandez said what everyone else in the room may well have been thinking: That the building would be part of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s legacy.

Indeed, as much as for anything else, Chicagoans will remember Daley as the mayor who was handed control of the city’s 600-plus public schools and invested his emotional and political capital in improving them. At press conferences heralding educational accomplishments throughout his years in office, Daley often became red-faced when challenged,passionately defending his efforts.

On Wednesday, April 28, 150 leaders from Civic Action Network and Senior Network congregations converged on Springfield! The leaders rallied at the State Capitol, where they were joined by State Rep. Greg Harris, then entered the Capitol and met individually with dozens of elected officials, bringing them the message that people of faith from across the state are fighting for meaningful nursing home reform, the rights of children of the incarcerated, and a responsible budget.

Rev. Calvin S. Morris Ph.D., Executive Director

The House of Representatives’ historic vote on healthcare reform is a significant milestone in legislative inclusion, not unlike other significant milestones in our nation’s history, such as social security, minimum-wage legislation, Medicare, and the 40 hour work week.


FEBRUARY 23, 2010, CHICAGO, IL – In the midst of a contracting media landscape, Catalyst Chicago, an independent non-profit news organization focused on public education, is launching new editorial ventures and a membership model as it marks its 20th anniversary.


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