Community Renewal Society AMA

At the CRS Annual Membership Assembly on November 12, 2016, member congregations voted on the 2016-2017 Annual Platform for Renewal and elected the Board of Directors, read the recap.



The Chicago Reporter has finalists for two prestigious national awards:

Reporter Jonah Newman was a finalist for the Livingston Awards for Young Journalists, which recognizes promising journalists under the age of 35. Jonah was selected for Public Housing, Private Security a story about a private security company that was harassing residents of a public housing complex.

Community Renewal Society

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Community Renewal Society provides assistance to individuals through a fund entitled the Emaroy June Smith Fund. Under the terms of the will, the fund is used “to meet the needs of retired ministers, missionaries, their [spouses] or [survivors], Christian workers and others who have worked along the line of educational or social welfare work.”

Save the date, November 29, 2016

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Register to Vote

Illinois residents can register on Election Day, November 8.


Why should I vote?
How do I prepare to vote?
What can I do in my community?
How do I stay informed?

On Monday August 22, Governor Bruce Rauner signed HB 4515 and SB 3005 into law! These bills will increase employment opportunities for people with criminal records in healthcare and park districts. Thank YOU for taking action! 

Thanks also to our Restoring Rights and Opportunities Coalition of Illinois (RROCI) partners: Cabrini Green Legal Aid, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and Heartland Alliance for their work on these critical reforms.

August 5, 2016, Chicago- Our hearts are heavy today. The city has released another video, showing another unarmed black man murdered by the Chicago Police Department (CPD). A department whose sole duty is to serve and protect should be held to the highest standard. Once they take the oath to serve the City of Chicago, they become representatives of our city and of our values. As a city, we should hold our heads down in shame, because CPD's track record makes a strong case that black and brown lives are not valued in Chicago. 


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