Rev. Curtiss Paul DeYoung

Our fight for justice takes on many issues, strategies and tactics. As the world changes, Community Renewal Society must commit to self-reflection. We must examine how we move in power and peace, how we engage, how we train, and, most of all, how we listen to our communities. Our roots must not only go deep, but we must also broaden our understanding of how we live out God’s love and call to justice with each other.

Today, May 18, SB 42 passed the House Health Care License Committee! Latonya Anderson with Cabrini Green Legal Aid and the Restoring Rights & Opportunities Coalition of Illinois testified how important this bill is for her to obtain her nursing license and fulfill her dream of taking care of people. Watch Latonya Anderso's testimony on Facebook. The Illinois House will vote on SB 42 soon!

Restoring Rights and Opportunities Coalition leaders and policy staff of Community Renewal Society celebrate three wins today!

Cook County Board Commissioners to authorize agreement with developers for County Hospital redevelopment but no jobs for Austin or people with records


FORCE, an initiative of the Community Renewal Society, hosts a conversation on the struggles and structural barriers that people encounter after getting out of prison.

Fair Tax IL

Springfield – Today members of the Illinois House of Representatives adjourned without considering HJRCA 59, the Fair Tax amendment. If passed, the measure would have given voters a chance at the ballot box to choose to allow a Fair Tax in Illinois, which is an income tax system where those who make lower incomes pay a lower rate, and those who make higher incomes pay a higher rate.

The Reporter's Jonah Newman is a finalist for the Livingston Awards for Young Journalists for his reporting on claims that a private security firm was harassing residents of a Section 8 housing complex on the Far South Side.


Today RROCI (Restoring Rights & Opportunities Coalition of Il) leaders were in Springfield advocating for SB 3005 to remove barriers to jobs in park districts for people with criminal records. We thanked our Chief Senate Sponsor Jacqueline Collins for helping us pass this bill in the Senate a few weeks ago. SB 3005 is now in the Illinois House and Representative Cassidy is the Chief House Sponsor. 



More good news to share from Springfield!  HB4515 passed the House today!  This bill improves the health care waive process for people with criminal records and increases job opportunities.  It now moves to the Senate.  Thanks to your advocacy, Chief Sponsor Camille Lilly, and RROCI members: FORCE, Cabrini Green Legal Aid, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and Heartland Alliance.

SB3005 will remove barriers to employment in park districts for people with criminal records and now moves to the House.


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