“Changing the head of CPD (Chicago Police Department) is like trying to weed your garden by chopping off the tops. We need to go to the root or the weeds keep coming back. And the weed’s name is lack of public accountability!”

The Chicago Headline Club just announced finalists for the 39th annual Peter Lisagor Awards for Exemplary Journalism, which recognizes the best journalism in the state. Catalyst Chicago and The Chicago Reporter received nine nominations and Linda Lenz will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement

Thank you Representative Kelly Cassidy for passing HB 4360 today to support jobs for people w records! 

While we were in Springfield, HB 4360, which will expand employment opportunities in schools for people with records, passed the House 64-47-01!  We have worked for over 3 years on passing this legislation as part of the Restoring Rights and Opportunities Coalition of Illinois (RROCI).  HB 4360 now moves to the Senate and includes the Governor’s recommended language from his amendatory veto of a similar bill last year.  We celebrate this important victory. 



HB4515 passed out of committee

The Chicago Headline Club, the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, will honor Catalyst publisher and founder Linda Lenz with a lifetime achievement award for her "extraordinary work in Chicago journalism." Before launching Catalyst in 1990, Lenz was the education writer for the Chicago Sun-Times and an editorial writer for the Chicago Daily News. She is retiring at the end of this month.

IL Medical District

Community organizations gather to fight gentrification and ensure jobs for local Chicago residents

On Palm Sunday, people of faith from CRS member churches stood up and told the Mayor, City Council and the Chicago Police Department that we won't accept a broken policing system any longer.

Join us and tell the Mayor and Aldermen to support the FAIR COPS ordinance now.

The Community Renewal Society Palm Sunday Takeover action is an initiative by people of faith to follow their Biblical tradition and act for justice on Palm Sunday by calling for action in Chicago to address police brutality. On Palm Sunday, churches all over the city will “occupy” their local police stations to call for passage of the FAIR COPS Ordinance and witness to the need to recognize that Black Lives Matter and call for an end to police brutality.

Lorraine Forte, an award‐winning journalist and former editor of Catalyst Chicago, is returning to the education watchdog publication as editor and interim publisher. She succeeds founder Linda Lenz, who is retiring March 31st after leading the ground‐breaking news organization for 25 years.

Deborah L. Shelton

The March 15 Democratic primary could be a referendum on Anita Alvarez’s handling of officer-involved shootings and send a message to prosecutors across the country.


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