Tell Your Alderman to Support Civilian Oversight of the Police

Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability

Your action is needed to ensure real and meaningful police accountability reform in Chicago. The City Council is currently considering various proposals for civilian oversight of the Chicago Police Department. CRS, as a member of the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA), is fighting to ensure that the civilian oversight agency that is created gives the community real power to set police department policy and hold public safety officials accountable.

In March 2018, GAPA and our supporters Alderman Sawyer (6th) and Alderman Osterman (48th) introduced an ordinance (O2018-2389) outlining our recommendations for a Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability. Our two tiered proposal calls for a citywide Commission with the power to hire and fire key public safety officials and the authority to set policy for CPD. The proposal also creates elected district level representatives who will work on community policing initiatives and select the members of the Commission.

Contact your alderman now and ask them to support GAPA's proposal for a Community Commission with real power and independence. Edit and send the email below.

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