CRS 2011 Day of Faith in Action

CRS Faith In Action Springfield 2011On Tuesday, May 10, Community Renewal Society congregation leaders from across the Chicago metropolitan region traveled to Springfield to meet with elected officials to secure services for children of incarcerated parents.

The congregation leaders rallied at the State Capitol and individually met with more than 30 members of the Illinois General Assembly. Before the day was over, the passionate leaders won 15 legislator signatures on a letter calling for state representatives to protect and fund services for these vulnerable children.

As a result, the General Assembly restored the Comprehensive Community Based Youth Service (CCBYS) program to the Department of Human Services and funded it at $11.5 million. Thanks to the action of the Children of the Incarcerated campaign, this funding will be available for services for children of incarcerated parents for the first time in Illinois history. The program will now include funding for local agencies to provide counseling, group activities and transportation for children of incarcerated parents.

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