Failure to Consider Fair Tax

Fair Tax IL

Springfield – Today members of the Illinois House of Representatives adjourned without considering HJRCA 59, the Fair Tax amendment. If passed, the measure would have given voters a chance at the ballot box to choose to allow a Fair Tax in Illinois, which is an income tax system where those who make lower incomes pay a lower rate, and those who make higher incomes pay a higher rate. With the deadline to get the measure on the ballot having come and gone, voters will not get to weigh in on whether they want  ​the option of ​a Fair Tax​ to be part of the Illinois revenue system​.

"The General Assembly’s failure to consider a Fair Tax is disappointing at a time when income inequality is alarmingly high and it is an irresponsible limitation of revenue options while Illinois is in the eleventh month of an unprecedented budget and revenue crisis that threatens to destroy our service and educational systems."

Many revenue options remain to fix the state budget crisis.  

Read the full statement from the Responsible Budget Coalition.

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