Illinois Needs a Fully Funded Budget by May 31.

Illinois General Assembly passed SB 2038 on May 12, 2016. In response, Community Renewal Society has signed on to two letters regarding the current budget situation.

One is a letter calling on Gov. Rauner to sign the emergency funding for human services bill (SB 2038) that passed last week; while also urging him to work with legislators to pass a fully funded budget by May 31, the last scheduled day of the spring legislative session. 

"While the bill is nowhere near a final budget solution for FY16 for human services, further layoffs, services cuts and provider closures are inevitable without it. SB 2038 is a lifeline that will provide temporary relief to cash-starved providers to help them continue to weather the impasse in the near future until a comprehensive budget solution for both FY16 and FY17 is found." Read More>>

The other is a letter to Illinois General Assembly members thanking them for passing SB 2038 but making it clear that it is not a final budget and that they still need to pass a fully funded budget for FY16 and FY17 by May 31.

"Ending one fiscal year and beginning another one without budgets will hasten the collapse of our education, public safety, and human service infrastructure. Without a budget with new revenue, thousands of people across Illinois will have no place to turn for help when they need it most, children and youth will go without opportunities to get ahead, and thousands of working parents will lose their jobs." Read More>>

Take Action: Tell your legislators to demand that their leaders put non-budget issues aside and pass a responsible budget with adequate revenue and no cuts.

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