Justifying Justice newsletter launch

by Rev. Saeed Richardson
Mountain Road

September 20, 2017

It is with excitement that I share with you something new from the Policy department here at CRS: the Justifying Justice newsletter! We seek to exchange information and updates about the justice work CRS is most connected to, as well as begin conversations about how justice connects to faith.

For our first newsletter Luis Carrizales, Associate Director of City & County Policy shares a concise explanation of the recent police lawsuits surrounding CPD court oversight. Lindsey Hammond, Associate Director of State Policy offers tangible steps individuals in your congregations and communities can follow to begin the record sealing process resulting from our HB 2373 victory. With the Good Samaritan parable in mind, I offer a reflection on how faith communities are charged to transform conditions for all travelers on life's highway.

If you find this content valuable for you and your community, print the content in a bulletin or share in a study. We look forward to your input about future topics, your joys and concerns, and we hope you would consider writing with us in the future.



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