A letter in support of our Muslim Sisters & Brothers

February, 2016

Dear Friends,

Community Renewal Society and its member churches are saddened by many in our country who look to exclude people of a different religion, race, or culture. We are deeply disturbed by comments from presidential candidates who call for a ban on Muslims entering the US, and religious leaders who encourage people to arm themselves against Muslims. CRS members stand united against such prejudice and hate.

As people of faith, we follow God's word found in our sacred texts and for many of us, the examples of Jesus. For he taught love, compassion, and mercy for those who are different from us. Jesus taught peace. Peace to us means stopping fear and hate. It means befriending Muslim families on our blocks. It means being bold and speaking out against intolerance.

We have so much in common. We all want a safe home for ourselves and our families in communities that respect diversity. We want to have jobs to support the people we love.

Community Renewal Society wants to express our solidarity with our Muslim neighbors and families by taking a stand against fellow citizens who vilify a group of people for the actions of a few.

In love and peace, 

Rev. Curtiss P. DeYoung, Ed.D.
Executive Director

Rev. Eddie Knox, Jr., D.Min.
President of CRS Board of Directors

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