From our Executive Director: DACA, Protection for All


Fundamental to Christianity, and perhaps humanity, is the notion that family is paramount. It is the cornerstone upon which society is built and is the example upon which the church most often analogizes itself. The very act of a government targeting families and the future of our country — our youth — is preposterous. The potential deportation of sons and daughters, in many cases brought to our country by parents escaping persecution in a foreign land, draws undeniable parallel to the baby Christ forced out of His country escaping the oppression of a brutal dictator named Herod. 

After President Trump’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), some 800,000 young people, who stepped forward, risked their identities, and satisfied strict requirements for the opportunity to pursue education and obtain jobs, are now subject to the same pain imposed upon Christ. This was not right for Christ the refugee, immigrant child, and equally not right for the hundreds of thousands of young persons risking deportation.  

Few executive measures have had the potential to draw political adversaries from both sides of the congressional aisle, business owners and CEOs, individuals from various races and ethnicities, and even Christians from both progressive and evangelical circles, towards a common goal: DACA was one such measure. These same voices now declare the egregiousness of such an action to dismantle the program. 

The third chapter of John’s first epistle reminds the hearer not to turn away our “hearts of compassion” if we see a brother or sister in need. The Christian response, a response shared also by other faith traditions, is to intercede when there is need. The Community Renewal Society chooses to demonstrate our love by vehemently opposing this decision made by President Trump.

We ask that you stand with us as we rally and stand in solidarity with others fighting this injustice. Contact your state's U.S. representatives, rally in the streets, raise the conversation in your Bible studies, and preach in your pulpits that our nation, our communities, and our families — no matter what race or ethnicity — have the right to remain together. 

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