Rev. DeYoung and Pastor Hatch to speak together at Flourish 2014

Curtiss Paul DeYoung and Marshall Hatch are teaming up at the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) national conference to address the topics of Reconciliation & Justice. DeYoung, will be addressing Reconciliation, while Hatch, the pastor of NMP Missionary Baptist Church, a CCDA board member, and the chair of CCDA's Biblical Justice Committee, will tackle the topic of Justice. DeYoung and Hatch share the platform Thursday September 25th from 7 to 9 p.m.

Each year, the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) national conference draws more than 2,500 people from around the world to share in best practices of Christian community development (CCD). Practitioners teach workshops around relevant themes and find support by networking with others facing similar challenges. Partners offer valuable resources, assisting practitioners in their community transformation efforts. Advocates bring attention to issues affecting people at the grassroots level, and provocative speakers challenge our assumptions about what it means to embody Christ's love as we journey together in our marginalized communities.

The roots of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) stretch back to 1960 when CCDA Founder, John Perkins (along with his wife, Vera Mae) relocated their family to the struggling community of Mendenhall, Mississippi to work with the people there. The Perkinses devoted thirty-five years to living out the principles of Christian Community Development in Mississippi and California, leaving behind ministries and churches that are now headed by indigenous Christian leaders.


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