Rev. Morris Receives NJWJ Reverend James Orange Award

Rev. Calvin S. Morris, Ph.D., executive director of the Community Renewal Society has been an important part of the National Jobs with Justice’s movement for social and economic justice. His commitment to the fight for working people was recognized on August 6, 2011 at the National Jobs with Justice Conference, where he was honored with the Reverend James Orange Award. 

Dr. Morris has been actively involved with NJWJ for 12 years. His dedication to the movement has helped lead NJWJ to several victories in the organizations effort to reach a broader audience of people committed to the rights of working people. Morris has provided strategic support to several important local campaigns including: Justice for Janitors, Hotel Workers Rising, Hilton and Blackstone hotel campaigns, Cintas, Carousel Laundry, V&V Supremo, Comcast, Big Box/Living Wage Ordinance, Justice at Smithfield, Macy’s Warehouse workers, and charter school organizing. Dr. Morris’ involvement with NJWJ has helped to strengthen the organization as well as helped it to become a stronger advocate for change. NJWJ shows their gratitude for his dedication and hard work with the Reverend James Orange Award.


Watch a video short of Dr. Morris' remembering and motivatin the staff at the Jobs With Justice National Conference in Washington D.C.


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