Seniors Rally at CRS Day of Faith in Action

On Wednesday, April 28, 150 leaders from Civic Action Network and Senior Network congregations converged on Springfield! The leaders rallied at the State Capitol, where they were joined by State Rep. Greg Harris, then entered the Capitol and met individually with dozens of elected officials, bringing them the message that people of faith from across the state are fighting for meaningful nursing home reform, the rights of children of the incarcerated, and a responsible budget.

Before the day was over, the leaders visited the offices of the Health Care Council of Illinois, the lobbying group representing the nursing home industry and currently fighting against providing adequate staffing. To commemorate the needless deaths of seniors in Illinois nursing homes, the leaders attempted to enter the office and deliver coffins to the chief lobbyists. The action was covered by the widely read Capitol Fax blog. This powerful action demonstrated to lobbyists and legislators alike that seniors and Community Renewal Society will not allow seniors to suffer for corporate profits.

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