The State of OUR State Address

Community Renwal Society, part of the Responsible Budget Coalition (RBC), participated in events surrounding Governor Rauner’s State of the State Address (four press conferences, a rally, and a public demonstration outside the chambers during the Governor’s address) which generated a tremendous amount of positive press coverage. We have identified 45 news stories generated by the RBC in a two-day period. 

Our public demonstration during the Governor’s address led NBC Chicago’s coverage with reporter Mary Ann Ahern describing it as a “huge protest” rare in scope.  The Chicago Sun Times also led their coverage with our demonstration and ABC 7 covered it as well. A State Journal Register columnist devoted his headline and seven paragraphs to our demonstration, which included some of our core messaging.  The Associated Press also provided an excellent write-up of our rally.


Read the CRS Policy Blog, "Governor Ignores the Actual State of the State".

CRS collected tweets from the day in Storify, join the conversation with #budgetfirst and #chooserevenue

The RBC released a State of OUR State report last week.  The report is an excellent resource for understanding the scope of the damage that the budget impasse has inflicted and continues to inflict on Illinois families and communities. 

Review the complete media roundup.

Visit the new RBC website.  With a wealth of archived research, talking points and news, it is a great resource for understanding and staying current with the budget impasse. 

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